Many people do not know what a borescope is, much less why borescope inspection is important. First let’s learn what a borescope is and then we can figure out why inspections completed with one have an impact on our everyday lives.

A borescope is an instrument that has an eyepiece connected to a rigid or flexible tube. The tip of the tube is inserted into an area that is not easy to see or access. An image of the area is then projected back up and magnified in the eyepiece.

We count on borescope inspections and probably don’t even know it. If you drive a car or have taken a flight in an airplane; a borescope inspection has had an impact on your life.

The metal manufacturing and machining industry are using borescope inspection now more than ever to inspect the parts they make. Being able to view the hard to reach inside of a part to check for defects before they reach the consumer is important. These parts can be found in automobiles, airplanes, tools, appliances and more. Keeping production costs down while insuring complete accuracy; makes borescope inspection paramount in the making of these parts.

Finding these defects early in the manufacturing process; allows for corrections before more incorrect parts are made. An incorrect part in an airplane or automobile can cause operating failure. A serious failure can even be dangerous.

When paired with digital video or still photos; quality control can be documented and shared among the manufacturing team with minimal effort. Assembly line performance is also monitored by borescope inspection to decrease downtime. All of these help to reduce manufacturing costs and make the products you buy less expensive, of better quality and safer.

If you are a frequent flyer or only fly occasionally; borescope inspection definitely helps keep you safe in the air. Borescope inspection is a key step in the safety of aircraft. Aircraft contain parts that are constantly moving. These moving parts are prone to wear that must be monitored for needed repair or replacement on a routine basis.

Finding these issues before an aircraft is in flight is crucial to the public’s safety while flying. Borescope inspections can be performed quickly by aviation mechanics each time the aircraft lands. Shortening the down time of the aircraft and increasing safety at the same time.

When you have your automobile serviced it is likely the engine mechanic will use borescope inspection to check the internal engine parts (such as cylinders, injectors, the transmission and valves, etc) to help diagnose unknown engine malfunctions. The mechanic may also check for maintenance needs such as brake wear.

Cleaning Your Gun

Borescopes are used throughout the gun industry to clean gun barrels, gun cartridges and gun scopes.

The borescope inspection requires much less time and effort by the mechanic. Less time spent evaluating your car means lower labor costs on your final bill. The inspection is much more proficient and accurate than finding the cause of a problem by trial and error as well.

Finding and fixing problems early, preventing costly repairs through maintenance, reducing down times and increasing quality and safety; are all reasons why borescope inspections have an impact on our lives.