The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker for Hunting Trips

There is a Bluetooth speaker for every person, from those who want only the best sound, to outdoor adventurers and bass heads. When considering to buy a Bluetooth speaker, we must ensure that it supports Siri and / or Google Now voice prompts, as well whether it has any rugged features such as dust and waterproofing. We must also make sure that it is compatible with any mobile device of choice, though most options work flawlessly with Android and iOS gadgets.Evaluation of Bluetooth speakers can be carried out by listening to a wide range of music and test the device’s durability. Speakerphone capabilities can be tested and tunes can be played continuously to see how long the batteries last.

These speakers will easily fit into your favorite daily backpack. You can also get a bit more creative and pack it in a see-through backpack to look totally fab.

Here we are going to discuss some of the best Bluetooth outdoor speakers.

1. The JBL Charge 2+ is an excellent combination of size, sound quality, loudness, bass response, splash proof and ruggedness. The sound quality is  incredible for such a compact speaker. It is perfect for outdoor parties. It has an incredible 6000 mAH  rechargeable battery which provides a whopping 12 hours per charge. As the name suggests, mobile devices can be charged using the charge 2+ as a power bank. It connects easily to the iPhone or Bluetooth device. The design is sleeker, fashionable and well developed with great protection from outdoor elements.It is ideal for a backyard party at maximum volume. It is also compact enough and can be taken on a hiking trip.

2. The Omaker M4 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most impressive outdoor speakers there is. It has excellent sound quality and is designed to produce crystal clear sound. It features the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology with a good connection range of up to 33 feet and the latest NFC technology allows to instantly connect with the Bluetooth device in a single tap. It can also survive direct splashes of water and also comes with a shockproof and dustproof rugged exterior. It has an extended battery life which can last upto 12 hours of music.

Omaker M4

3. The Photive Hydra is a little beast. It has spectacular audio performance. There are no distortions even at high volume. It is also equipped with a passive subwoofer. It can also be set and connected easily. It also has a lithium ion rechargeable battery which provides 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime with a single charge via USB.

4. The UE BOOM 2 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers in the market. It is waterproof, shockproof and designed for adventure. Connection to the Bluetooth device is simply a matter of pressing the Bluetooth button. It is one of the best speakers to be taken on outdoor adventures or places which require exposure to elements.

5. Bose Sound link Color II Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most versatile speakers available. It is an elegant speaker with the best features available. It is a best combination of sound, portability and usability. It’s durability makes it a perfect companion for outdoor rugged adventures.

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