Night Airsoft: Stepping Up The Game

We all know a thing or two about popular camaraderie building sports such as paintball or airsoft. But, how about the version of this outdoor sport where you play at night?

As interesting as it sounds, you will need some extra tips to prepare for this fun and exciting challenge!

Tip 1: Be Stealthy

Staying low, or in other words camping, might be the most prudent thing you can do when it comes to night airsoft. Other than the possibility of being spotted or ambushed, you are completely safe this way. Watch the events unfold from the safest spot you can find and try not to draw any attention to yourself by moving or making any noises.

Tip 2: More Ammo

Running around in dark won’t be easy and you will probably have more futile tries to shoot someone down than usual. Make sure you have plenty of ammo with yourself because you will most likely spend it faster than during the regular “day” airsoft.

Tip 3: Night Vision

As it will be pretty dark, you might want to consider getting some night vision binoculars to help you with coordination. If you are playing after the sun sets then you will gradually get accustomed to the darkness. But, as it gets darker and darker, you will probably need some sort of a gadget that will help you achieve better results.

Tip 5: Team Communication

Seeing your teammates will be really hard in these conditions. So, you will have to come up with a way to communicate among yourselves. That is, of course, if you don’t want to end up shooting one of your own accidentally…or being shot.

Tip 6: Dress Up Properly

Don’t get your hopes too high that nobody will spot you just because it is night. Try not to wear bright colors or any illuminating objects with you. Some will advise you not to wear all black, but it sure is a better option than wearing something conspicuous. Make sure that you are wearing all the protection you need, safety equipment and of course always have some kind of eye protection.

So here you go. Read these tips for night airsoft and it might give you an insight of what it is going to be like. When, sincerely , you can’t even imagine how much fun you are going to have! Expect the unexpected, stay safe and have a wonderful time!


The Science of Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a very popular winter sport that is listed among the winter Olympic Games and has a separate world cup of its own.It boasts of a tremendous fan following, both among young and adults, among men and women. Most youngsters are attracted to this adventure based game because of the thrills, excitement, exhilaration and adrenaline surge it promises.

The sport is a difficult one and a bit risky because of the numerous tricks, twists, spins, turns, twirls, jibs, scream, big air, the Ollie, the Nollie, the Fakie, switch, flips and other such stunts it involves. Pulling off these stunts is not an easy task.In fact you cannot just grab a snowboard and start practicing like that. Snowboarding is a science that involves the painstaking acquiring of skill and expertise; you have to master the technique of riding the snowboard properly or else you may fall down and injure yourself badly.Perfecting the science and art of snowboarding requires oodles of guts and courage, relentless practice and help from experts or online courses and solid training by pros and instructors.

The first snowboard – snurfer- that was invented by Sherman Poppen in 1965 has given way to scientific snowboards. In fact there is a whole multi million dollar industry centered round snowboarding and the commercial aspects of this game are equally lucrative.A lot of research and development and scientific techniques go into the manufacturing of snowboarding equipment, apparel, gear etc in modern times and the products developed by years of scientific research are of absolutely top quality and world class.A lot of science is also involved in the techniques of riding a snowboard for it needs expertise, practice, experience, control, and balance, and maneuverability, navigation at the right time and at the right place while performing the stunts.

While imparting training, doing warm up workouts/physical exercise prior to snowboarding, eating the right food, following the correct diet, leading the right lifestyle – you have to fall back on science. The science will tell you if you need a low carb diet like this or a high carb high calorie diet like this. A scientifically developed proper plan/regimen will help a snowboarding enthusiast to improve his skills by leaps and bounds and maybe you will graduate from an amateur to a pro, thanks to your skill, talent and scientific routine. Snowboarding is just like any other game. Just as all other sports rely on science to develop itself and evolve, so does snowboarding depend on science for its radical evolution.