Gun Cabinet Designs to Die For

If you’re an avid firearm collector chances are you’ll need somewhere safe to store them. This is where gun cabinet designs come in, as you’ll most likely want a cabinet that’s not only safe but also stylish, similar to a sort of showcase. There are many types of designs to choose from but the number one priority here is to focus on safety and that means keeping it out of the hands of kids and minors. One main feature of many gun cabinet designs a built in safe or at least the ability to store one which would house all your bullets.

Due to the fact that this isn’t your normal everyday cabinet, this will require a specialized approach as well a checklist to be made to make sure you have a good balance between safety and stylish designs. Most common choices of gun cabinet designs are based on wood and glass etching, perfect compliment for your rifles which also have wooden fixtures. The first steps to follow would be the following which are of utmost importance:

  • What firearms and guns do you own and how many?
  • How much space will you need?
  • Will you be needing locks for securing your firearms and guns?
  • How many compartments are necessary? Do you need to store bullets and any other accessories that go together with your collection like cleaning materials
  • Do you want Glass Etching designs like scenery to compliment the cabinet overall?
  • What type of woods would suit your firearms; cherry, dark oak, walnut or just plain oak
  • Do you want electric light fixtures built into the gun cabinet design?

If you hire a contractor or company to design your gun cabinet they need to know specific dimensions so be sure to let them know how much space you need and how many firearms you have. This process is slightly similar to custom home closet designs in where there’s more attention paid to detail in the overall layout. If you have extra accessories you might want to consider drawers to store them in as this will give the cabinets an organized un-cluttered feel. When it comes to the glass you might want to look into glass etching as this will truly give it that unique authentic look and if your gun cabinet is going to be somewhere like the lounge or study then you’ll want it to compliment the room too. Consider glass etching designs like scenery of forests or jungles with animals. Depending on whether you hunt or not you choices here are abundant, choose from deer to buck, bears or even tigers, I think you get the idea.

Of the many different kinds of designs the best and most common are usually wall mounted wood or glass cabinets. These are practical and very efficient so you might want to consider some interesting wood carvings to spruce it up after all you want your gun cabinet designs to look stunning for many years to come.


Some Hidden Guns Safe Considerations

If you are planning to get a hidden gun safe, the first step to accomplishing this is to make sure that you have the correct location in your home or office. There are certain steps that need to be followed in order for this to be a success. There are many places within you home that you are able to place a hidden gun safe, the idea is to get the place that is accessible.

The optimum plans for your hidden gun safe is to get someone in for the installation, as this is something that you are not able to do on your own. This is one of the ways that you are sure to keep security as well as the location of the safe a secret. The only way that anyone would know about it, is if you show him or her. The most well known places that many choose to place their safe are in a bookcase, they build a secret door and so forth. The main idea that you should remember is that when you do get a hidden safe installed in your home, it has to be somewhere that is easily accessible as well as hidden at the same time.

When you do request a hidden bookcase, the one thing that you have to bear in mind is that the company that you do call in for this job will have to build the whole thing from scratch. Many of the companies that do specialise in this sort of thing are known to use the highest quality of wood as well as hinges. This is something that you would not want falling apart at any time after installation. The design of the bookcase is one that the consumer wants, there are so many ideas that you could choose from, but at the end of the day, it is something that you would be living with for a very long time. The choice in this regard would have to be up to you.

As previously mentioned, you would have to be very discreet about your gun safe and ensure that you keep it hidden. You would not word to get to the wrong ears and in the end making this some of the worst cases ever. There is never anything that you are able to trust in any instance. When you do decide to get a hidden gun safe, remember that the one thing you wanted to do is too keep it hidden.

The greatest thing that you could get when you do install a hidden gun safe of this sort is the type of wood that you are able to choose from, there are so many to choose from, the idea is to make sure that you match it up to the rest of the décor in your house. Some of the choices that you are faced with would be cedar, basswood, white oak, walnut, cypress, soft maple, mahogany and so many more.

There are many smart reeasons to hide your safe in plain sight. Do some research and pick something that makes esne for your situation, matches your domestic threat assesment and will look good in your home.