Best Outdoor Quadcopter Drone with Camera

This is a great example of a best outdoor quad-copter drone with a camera that is in the low end of the price range that some will begin to learn to fly on, and some will use for years. Some of the basic features you get with the Explorer are as follows:

  • equipped with an High Definition camera and 2 GB Micro SD card
  • Can perform flips and 360-degree version with a button
  • Wind Resistant for indoor or outdoor use
  • 7-minute flight time with a 100-minute charge time
  • Left/right-hand throttle mode can be changeable from the transmitter
  • 6-axis Gyro stabilization system makes for sound flying experience

This model is considered as one of the better versions of an entry-level outdoor quadcopter, that provides you with the ability to learn the controls, get a feel for what it takes to maneuver in the air, with kind of a short flying time. You can charge this outdoor quadcopter by means of USB, and the control distance is around 30 meters. The things about this that are on the good side are the price. If you have never owned a drone before, you are going to learn how to do quick flips, work with the accelerator, and how to stay within range and (hopefully!) avoid the usual hazards such as trees and power lines.

Generally, the feeling about this model among users is that it does a good job of taking a beating, as much as any plastic device can. For the price, most of these models are going to have a short flying time. A partĀ of the design is actually based on the same material used in these types of racks. Even if you are doubling up on batteries, you will still be waiting for over an hour to charge after flying. But that is normal, and many who are graduating to more expensive models are beginning with ones such as this.

The camera is the main drawback here. It is a good medium to learn how to fly something that is recording video, but the format cannot be copied or read by VLC or smartphones. Some RC enthusiasts say that this drone is one of the easiest to control and that it is their number one go-to for a quick fly, even among more expensive models. As the portability options nowadays for carrying drones are increasing day by day, since the availability of several customized drone backpacks, carrying drones has become really feasible.